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The Thomas G. Carpenter Library

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Innovation in the Library

While libraries continue to have books and other materials on shelves, the seen and unseen technology in a modern library makes the most significant impact on learning and research for UNF's students and faculty today.

Technology: The Constant is Change

There is always something new going on with technology. The Thomas G. Carpenter Library is adopting and implementing new technologies to support student and faculty success. With your support, we are bringing a new "envelope" for the content provided by the library collections and partnering this with updated spaces for faculty to implement new pedagogy that strengthens student learning.

Support the Virtual Learning Center & Recording Studio

The Virtual Learning Center (VLC) provides a space for faculty and student interaction with virtual content that enhances learning. Faculty and students can explore and gain a better understanding of this emerging technology with Vive Pro Eye Headsets and a variety of interactive experiences. The VLC opened in March 2021 and has seen increased usage over the last two years in individual bookings, the number of courses taught, and has held events for students and workshops for faculty. The VLC is located on the third floor of the library, with three standing and 13 seated stations. In FY 2022-23, the VLC was booked by 189 unique users for a total of 728 hours.

In addition to the VLC, the Library opened a new Recording Studio in October 2023 with sound and visual recording capabilities that allow students to make audio recordings for both podcast and video projects. During the fall 2023 semester, it was booked by 68 unique users for a total of 132 hours.

Given the constant changes with technology, it’s important to keep up with ever-evolving technology in these spaces.

Support Collaborative Learning Spaces in the Library

Collaborative learning spaces contribute to positive student outcomes such as student success and retention. The Thomas G. Carpenter Library is looking to create a Data Visualization Lab to support student learning, research and foster collaboration. The lab would offer tools and resources to visualize and explore data and allow students to build new skills in a data-centric world. It would be located on the third floor of the library, next to the VLC and Recording Studio.

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